CAD Webinar Series (IX): ‘KPIs and assessment of automated driving’

28.03.2018 - 13:00 to 14:00

On 28 March 2018, Connected Automated Driving will be organising the ninth version of the webinar series on the topic ‘Key performance indicator (KPIs) and assessment of impacts of automated driving’

The webinar gives a short introduction of Trilateral (EU-US-Japan) Impact Assessment Framework. In addition, the key results of the Trilateral KPI Survey will be presented. In total, 77 experts responded in 2017 to the online survey which covered 12 impact areas.

The webinar also introduces methods of safety impact assessment for automated driving as elaborated in the European AdaptIVe project and gives a first outlook on safety impact assessment methodology for the ongoing L3Pilot project.

Registration is free of charge. Please click here for joining the webinar!


13:00-13:05 Introduction and agenda of the webinar, Satu Innamaa/VTT

13:05-13:15 Trilateral Impact Assessment Framework, Satu Innamaa/VTT

13:15-13:25 Trilateral KPI Survey results, Satu Innamaa/VTT

13:25-13:40 Safety impact assessment for automated driving as in AdaptIVe project, Adrian Zlocki/ika

13:40-13:45 Outlook to safety impact assessment methodology for the ongoing L3Pilot project, Adrian Zlocki/ika

13:45-14:00 Questions and Answers

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