Connected Automated Driving (ARCADE)

The European Commission places a high priority on the deployment of automated road transport. It has set up the ARCADE to ensure that connected automated technologies are deployed in a coordinated and harmonised manner, which will accelerate the implementation of safe and connected automated driving in Europe.

Project Information

Project Name: Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe (ARCADE)

Project type: Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

Programme: Horizon 2020

Topic: DT-ART-02-2018 Support for networking activities and impact assessment for road automation

Starting date: 01/10/2018

Duration: 36 Months

Total funding: 3 M€

23 direct partners from 11 EU MS

Coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe (Dr Stéphane Dreher)

ARCADE is a Coordination and Support Action that coordinates consensus-building across stakeholders for sound and harmonised deployment of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving (CAD).

ARCADE supports the commitment of the European Commission, the European Member States and the industry to develop a common approach to development, testing, validation and deployment of CAD in Europe and beyond.

The ARCADE project will run for three years and aims to establish a joint stakeholders forum in order to coordinate and harmonise automated road transport approaches at European (e.g. strategic alignment of national action plans for automated driving) and international level (in particular with the US and Japan). Towards this objective, ARCADE organised the Second European CAD conference in 2019, and it is open to associated partners beyond the partners of the consortium.

Project objectives

Cooperation between all CAD stakeholders (e.g. industry, research, member states, European Commission and international partners) from the different sectors (e.g. automotive, infrastructure, ICT and service provisions)

Coordination of cooperation efforts between all programmes, initiatives and projects, including national and European research programmes as well international cooperation activities

Exchange of knowledge, lessons and experiences from past and ongoing activities at national, European and international level

Consensus building on CAD deployment scenarios and research needs for connected and automated driving


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