Safe and Connected Automation in Road Transport

Coordination and support action, Nº 713843

  • Call: H2020-MG-2015-Singlestage-B
  • Topic: MG-3.6b-2015: Safe and connected automation in road transport
  • Starting date: 01.07.2016
  • Project duration: 24 months
  • Total budget: 1M€


Gereon Meyer (Coordinator)

Connected and automated driving promises a multitude of socio-economic benefits ranging from a reduction of road accidents to an increase of productivity, improvements of social inclusion, and gains in energy efficiency.

After advanced driver assistance system have shown the potential of automated driving in recent years, higher levels of road vehicle automation will soon reach maturity and are expected to deliver on these promises. Connectivity will enable and further expand the performance of automated vehicles because it makes distributed information and big data accessible e.g. for traffic scene interpretation, prediction of road-user behaviour, and route planning.

In order to seize the opportunities of connected and automated driving for Europe’s competitiveness, the Coordination and Support Action “Safe and COnnected AUtomation in Road Transport” (SCOUT) aims to promote a common roadmap of the automotive and the telecommunication and digital sectors for the development and accelerated implementation of safe and connected and high-degree automated driving in Europe.

Project objectives

  • Capture expectations and concerns regarding connected and automated driving (C&AD) from users, technology, infrastructure and service providers and public authorities
  • Explore feasible use cases for C&AD in accordance with the EU strategies for transport and digital markets, societal goals and challenges
  • Analyse gaps and risks for the take-up of C&AD from the domains of automotive technology, communication infrastructure & reliability, legal frameworks, standardization, testing, safety, security and privacy
  • Identify sustainable business models for C&AD, also considering telecommunication, data driven services and novel mobility concepts
  • Create common cross-sectorial roadmaps and advise policies and regulatory frameworks with support of a stakeholders network
  • Communicate and discuss results with the general public
  • Monitor international trends to detect opportunities & threats abroad
  • Tie-in the results of European funded R&D projects and activities


The SCOUT project consists of 12 partners from 7 countries in its core consortium, comprising all tiers of the automotive value chain, telecom and digital sectors, infrastructure providers, field-test operators as well as transport and reliability research institutions covering technical as well as non-technical expertise and business models in connected and automated driving.

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